Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back Where I Started...

I've always been a writer. Scratch that. Calling myself a writer is a gross overstatement. I've always been a thinker and a talker. The eternal observer who fails to go unnoticed. I created a tumblr page just over two years ago with hopes of becoming the next online voice of reason. It was perfect. I'd write my observations... I'd morph it into an advice column when necessary... My posts would be riddled with wit and charm as I answered all the complexities of life through easy to digest anecdotes. However, after a series of unfortunate events consisting of blog posts that some peers found less than tasteful, I was turned off of writing publicly.  Being a thinker and a talker is a balancing act I have far from mastered. (People generally don't like hearing ones perception of the truth if it involves noticing some fault that remains ignored due to a convenient state of denial). Before long, my tumblr turned into a waste of time. I wrote less, reblogged more, and added some music to my page making it the complete opposite of what was originally intended. Over these two years I've amassed quite a substantial following on that page, but it no longer satiates my writing needs. Neither has keeping a journal. Cathartic it may be, journaling isn't enough. I enjoy writing the most, when it starts a conversation. I don't pretend to know anything. I don't. The more I learn and read, the more I realize just how much I don't know. I have thoughts and ideas that form my truth, but sticking to my perception of truth without room for change is flawed. How do I know I'm right? Who's going to care about what I have to say if I don't genuinely care and invite the substantiated ideas/opinions of others? The point is, feel free to chime in on any post whether you agree or disagree with what I've written. I only ask that comments be respectful. (In layman's terms, keep it classy!)

I've decided to set out just a few rules for myself before embarking on this new blogging venture to ensure that I don't veer off track.

1) If I want others to substantiate their opinions, I have to do the same. Before writing some profoundly thought provoking piece (HA!) I need to read first. A side effect of increased academic reading is finding out that my "original thoughts" are not so original after all. (Aristotle articulates some of my meandering thoughts into pages of genius. From limited reading, any grandeur illusions I had of unique/profound thinking have been shattered... Hence, "I don't pretend to know anything.")

2) No angry blogging. It's easy to write when frustrated because suddenly thoughts become "so clear". Unfortunately I learned the hard way that this is a misleading fallacy. Emotions may become clear, but that doesn't make them true. Writing may become easier, but that doesn't make the writing any better.

3) Only post when I truly have something to say. The first time I started blogging, I found myself addicted to it much in the same way that Facebook & Twitter can be addicting. I wrote simply for the sake of writing and receiving positive feedback. Those posts sounded good, but they had no substance.

4) Lastly I'm going to start sharing some of my pictures more seriously. I am addicted to taking pictures, and rather than sharing them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, I'd like to begin sharing them here to give my blog a sense of completeness. A lot of what I see can't be articulated with words. As much as I love 'em, words can be limiting.

So, that's that I suppose. The one thing that hasn't changed is my title. I've decided to stick with "White Blank Page"... I can't explain why. It's not simply because of the song. It just fits.

Here's to fresh starts & new experiences.



  1. I love you and all that you have to say.

    (And I loved your orig tumblr posts too ;) )

  2. I am really glad I've ran into your blog. I'm going to start reading it from now on. I really like your writing style, Masha'Allah! Keep it up!